Ever-Wondering: A thought on expectation

Ever-Wondering: A thought on expectation: Have you ever wondered why some people do not do things the way we expect them to do, well me too. Often times I have been disappointed...


1.Pure Air
Have you ever been trapped in an atmosphere filled with unclean gas to the extent that you try to hold your breath and when you gasp for a breath of air you feel like you are suffocating? If only you have been in this kind of uncomfortable state only then will you realize how a breath of pure fresh air can make you feel a sense of peace that cannot merely fit any description ever possible. It is just something you have to feel nothing else beats this breathtaking sensation of finally having a breath of fresh air after too much uneasiness.
That breathtaking sensation should tell you that pure, fresh air is essential to a good health. On that note , we should make sure that our homes have the proper ventilation this helps to insure that our blood distributes oxygen to every part of the body. Stay clear of any gases or smoke. It is advisable to take breaths during a morning walk so as to oxygenate our bodies. About taking walks… just hold on there is a whole passage full of it!

Ever had those days when you have a lot of studying to do and your whole body completely shuts off? The human body requires rest to repair itself. At time without rest some people just get cranky some are just tired and depressed. If you don’t give your body the rest it needs then it will automatically shut off, lack of rest may actually lead to illness. There can never be a substitute for rest.

Some of us just don’t like water, it’s tasteless. But the body is made up of mostly water and the immune system needs water to function , that is why even when you don’t like water there is still a time that you actually are so thirsty you can drink a lot of water. Well that is the body clearly letting you know that you need water. So here is a rather uncool cool fact:  not only drinking water is important but also a cool bath can help soothe nerves and avoid sickness. Who knew?

4.Constant Exercise
I have noticed that when you get maybe chased by a dog for quite a long distance, the moment you actually rest your whole body may seem foreign and muscles feel cramped up. This only happens when you are not used to exercising. I guess by now you should have figured out that I’m simply trying saying that rest is actually very important.
Exercise allows the body to release emotional and physical tension, best cure for the worrying. No fatigue and helps keep a good complexion. Don’t forget you will look younger. Exercise also helps to normalize blood pressure and helps the brain to be creative. Just don’t start running 5 miles it may be not help achieve the desired outcome, start slow.

You are what you eat. It sometimes true maybe. Ever heard that vegetarians live longer? What a shocker. No matter how many times we are told that meat is bad for health it’s difficult to just stop. Well, not if you want to live longer. Or at least limit the intake.

Remember that feeling in school when you would want to go out for some sunlight and that teacher tells you to go inside. How annoying right? Although when the opportunity to finally go out, we would maximize that opportunity, that moment when you feel like you have absorbed enough sunlight but you cannot bring yourself to move. That frustrating moment when the sun is covered by the huge cloud and it seems like all your hopes have been crushed, the anticipation, uneasiness  just waiting for the sun to come back again.
We have all heard that vitamin D statement right? True the sun is a good source of Vitamin D. You are probably saying oh wait I know this, I mean who doesn’t, right?   Whilst the Vitamin D is the well-known benefit there may be a few more you probably did not know. Sunlight is a disinfectant for bacteria and it also helps relieves depression. Although this all seems great and all, sunlight may be hazardous to health if consumed in excess! Prolonged sunlight can increase the risk of skin cancer, cause damage to the eyes and speed up the aging process.
Simply avoid anything that you know is harmful to your health and a happy and a longer life awaits.                                                                                     


I am not trying to diss education and knowledge or what. The thing gets more and more important to our lives as we develop in technology and move into the next centuries ahead, that's obvious. The thing that worries me the most is about how education is robbing our identities right in broad daylight! Maybe our great grand ancestors had seen that when they tried to refuse the offer to education. 

It doesn't take any certificate to note that most of the immoralities of this age are brought about by, if not supported by education. To see the impact of education one must first note that, the basis of our modern culture was based on the Holy Bible. Is it still? Here is a list of the things that were unheard of before education corrupted our minds, changed our focus, direction and made us puppets right in our own lives. It is because of education that:

Divorce cases are increasing day by day.
Women now think themselves superior and equal to men to the extent that they won't even blink in refusing their spouses demands, which of course they owe them. The holy bible even confirms that. a cultural Shona proverb is of the dictum that machongwe maviri haariri pamusha mumwe, meaning to say that for peace and harmony, somebody has to report to someone, our culture had taken care of the issue well, education comes to say that women should be treated the same way as men! This makes it difficult to maintain peace and harmony in a home where there are two leaders. One can note that in this manner education is there to strike wars between husbands and wives. 

The rate of unwanted pregnancies and STIs is increasing every day
Because of the so-called human rights, it is now difficult to control our daughters the way we should be. it used to be a cultural norm that girls be examined and scrutinized on a given basis so as to preserve their virginity. Then, girls would strive to keep their virginity for fear that they get embarrassed in front of their elders. That effectively controlled the issue of STIs spreading and unwanted pregnancies, yet education comes on and suggests that it is abuse. Girls now go astray sleeping around anyhow, they get nothing to be afraid of and that's threatening their health to the fullest.

Infinity wars, everyone thinks they can be leaders
Women have advocated for gender equality. It is not a bad thing. The problem comes now, when because of these so-called ‘gender rights' the women now want to be the leaders of the household. God instituted marriages and clearly distinguished the rights of men and women in marriages after all God is all-knowing, he probably knew all along if there were no demarcations on anyone's position there would be peace. But instead, women think that because they are more educated than their husbands then the roles get reversed. You can not disturb the natural order of God and expect everything to fall into play, there are bound to be consequences that many will regret. People often like to listen to advice when they are regretting. You have been forewarned!

Relationships outside their marriages
Slowly, we are adapting to the western way of living. It is as if it has become our way of living. Nothing seems wrong in the mind of the liberalist. People often do not see the right or wrongs of it, media influence. We see it every day, everywhere so we do not take most of our time to think about the repercussions. What examples are we setting for the next generation? If we keep this up what will happen to our way of life? Where are we leading our children to?

In "Value of documenting African knowledge", Collence Chisita lamented the distress of not documenting Zimbabwean culture. Emphasis is on the lack of appreciation and a total confusion of the attention resulting in a particular kind of logical inaction on the part of intellectuals amongst Zimbabweans.

In conclusion, in this era, we cannot teach culture by simply telling the next generation to be wise but to initiate a way of life such that they learn their culture and they deviate from following in the steps of our generation. Without any improvement in the society there is bound to be a cultural lag and before we know it our culture becomes history and we have lost our identity while emulating other people's culture. We must, therefore, guard against the idea that our education should incorporate everything new to society.

Ever-Wondering: A thought on expectation

Ever-Wondering: A thought on expectation : Have you ever wondered why some people do not do things the way we expect them to do, well me too...